Environmental Factors Can Override Genet

Environmental Factors Can Override Genetic Ancestry for Gene Expression Linked to Disease
NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – The environment where people live can have a greater effect on their transcriptomes than their genetic ancestry, and influences disease risk, according to a new study. An Ontario Institute for Cancer Research-led team examined the impact of a range of environmental …


Household recycling ‘at risk’ from Chi

Household recycling ‘at risk’ from China ban
The Canberra Times http://ow.ly/CNlA30iL1rf
Australia’s entire system of “yellow-lid bin” kerbside recycling is at risk from China’s clampdown on imported recyclables, state and Commonwealth officials have been told during crisis talks with the waste industry and local government. Officials have been warned of potentially serious environmental, …

NYC Releases Trade Waste Safety Manual O

NYC Releases Trade Waste Safety Manual
Occupational Health and Safety
The 54-page manual includes sections on topics such as traffic and road safety on the collection route, proper lifting technique while collecting, personal protective equipment, and vehicle inspection. Feb 26, 2018. The City of New York Business Integrity Commission (BIC) has released a free “Trade … http://ow.ly/E3CR30iDE5E

Are we poisoning our children with plast

Are we poisoning our children with plastic?
The Guardian
In France, the national agency for food, environmental and occupational health has gone even further, completely banning the use of BPA in any packaging that comes into contact with food. One of the problems is that, even with these regulations, it is actually extremely hard to avoid coming into contact …

Hopes for plastic free parliament Bude

Hopes for plastic free parliament
Bude & Stratton Post
Following recommendations made to all public sector bodies in the environmental audits committee’s report, ‘Plastic Bottles: Turning back the plastic tide’, the House Service is currently reviewing the sustainability and environmental management of single use disposable plastics in the House of …

Dairy farmers suffer ‘high rate of resp

Dairy farmers suffer ‘high rate of respiratory disease issues’
Although farming http://ow.ly/jZu730iozKC is an occupation with a healthy image, offering a job in the great outdoors, the reality is it has some occupational hazards. These include exposure to grain dust, pollen, animal dander, soil dust, welding fumes and diesel exhaust. All of these can lead to respiratory problems. Although …

NMPF slams study claiming milk is food s

NMPF slams study claiming milk is food safety risk
NMPF said the study’s authors need to clarify any significant dairy-related food safety risk is only associated with raw milk and not commercially available dairy foods sold in the US and other developed nations. The McGill University study by Sai Kranthi Vanga and Vijaya Raghavan looked at how plant … http://ow.ly/pPNY30in3sl

Steel Firm Fined $1.9 Million in Mainten

Steel Firm Fined $1.9 Million in Maintenance Worker’s Death
Occupational Health and Safety
England’s Health and Safety Executive reported that a Tata Steel, a major steel producer, was fined £1.4 million — equivalent to $1.9 million in U.S. dollars — with costs of £140,000 in connection with the death of a 26-year-old maintenance electrician named Thomas Standerline. When the case was …

Floods Are Getting Worse, and 2500 Chemi

Floods Are Getting Worse, and 2500 Chemical Sites Lie in the Water’s Path
New York Times
“Waterfronts are changing as a result of sea level rise,” said Jeanne Herb, an environmental policy expert at Rutgers University who has researched hazards posed by climate-related flooding to industries in New Jersey. “More often than not, these are facilities are on the water for a reason,” she said.

Vaping may raise cancer and heart diseas

Vaping may raise cancer and heart disease risk, study suggests
The Guardian
Researchers found evidence that nicotine inhaled from e-cigarettes could be converted into chemicals that damage DNA in the heart, lungs and bladder, and dampen down the body’s genetic repair mechanisms. Moon-shong Tang, professor of environmental medicine at New York University, said the …
Vaping Damages DNA and Increases Lung Cancer Risk In Mice – Technology Networks