Dark crime spots to be audited -[Courier

Dark crime spots to be audited -[Courier Mail]- http://ow.ly/AIFJK

Oil and Gas Production: Managing oil ris

Oil and Gas Production: Managing oil risks-[East African Business Week] http://ow.ly/AIFEU

Tweedbank pond ‘no health risk https://

Tweedbank pond ‘no health risk https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=http://www.bordertelegraph.com/news/galashiels/articles/2014/08/25/507482-tweedbank-pond-no-health-risk/&ct=ga&cd=CAEYAioUMTE3NTYyMzUyNzIxNDI5Mjg4MjcyGTAzZjYyZTUwZTc2ZTBkODM6aWU6ZW46SUU&usg=AFQjCNFwOcP64_jxbgc5ivhXp5zl_6M_ZQ

Echa releases eGuide to safety data shee

Echa releases eGuide to safety data sheets (SDS)
#SDS #ECHA #Safety


DGCA surprise checks reveal leading airl

DGCA surprise checks reveal leading airlines violating safety procedures
[Economic Times] http://ow.ly/AIFNa

USA: OSHA orders Hanford nuclear facilit

USA: OSHA orders Hanford nuclear facility contractor to reinstate worker fired for raising environmental safety concerns


USA: OSHA cites Illinois vehicle manufac

USA: OSHA cites Illinois vehicle manufacturer McLaughlin Body Co. for exposing workers to amputation hazards


USA: Asphalt Specialists ordered to pay

USA: Asphalt Specialists ordered to pay nearly $1M in compensation
and to reinstate drivers terminated for raising safety concerns


USA: Flammable chemical hazards found at

USA: Flammable chemical hazards found at Avon Lake, Ohio, fiberglass manufacturer


Turkey: Job-related accidents kill 1,100

Turkey: Job-related accidents kill 1,100 in 7 months