Nanomaterial tracking to limit impacts o

Nanomaterial tracking to limit impacts on the environment
‘The main environmental concerns at the moment are understanding any … Dr Svendsen adds that current risk assessments primarily look at the …

Total’s Amazon drilling plans poses 72%

Total’s Amazon drilling plans poses 72% oil spill risk for T&T
Loop Trinidad & Tobago
Oil giant Total is dismissing results from its own Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) results that a proposed drilling project near the mouth of the …

Toxic heavy metals in residents near min

Toxic heavy metals in residents near mine
The Nation
A REPORT on the health impacts has confirmed that people living near a … address the impacts of gold mining on human and environmental health.

Top 5 ways to incorporate food safety in

Top 5 ways to incorporate food safety into your business
Virtual College
Creating an environment that embraces a food safety and hygiene culture is the key to success for any food business, from … with legal requirements and to prevent accumulation, risk of contamination and the attraction of pests.”.

Two people died and 101 were injured in

Two people died and 101 were injured in work-related accidents in Donegal last year
Donegal Now
Two people died in work-related accidents in Donegal last year, it has been revealed. There were also 101 non-fatal injuries in Donegal reported to …
Two died in workplace accidents in Donegal last year – Donegal Democrat

Egg scare grows as UK supermarkets pull

Egg scare grows as UK supermarkets pull products from shelves
The Guardian
“This is just the latest of a number of food safety issues connected to eggs produced outside of the UK in recent years,” said Ian Jones, chairman of …
Netherlands and Belgium face-off in fipronil spat –
Egg scandal: 20 tonnes sold in Denmark, food agency says – BBC News
Supermarkets urgently withdraw salads and sandwiches after 700000 contaminated eggs enter

Biofuels needed but some more polluting

Biofuels needed but some more polluting than fossil fuels, report warns
The Guardian
A rise towards the 10% EU-wide target by 2020 has stalled due to the environmental concerns. The authors says their report is intended to break that …

Second case of contagious cattle disease

Second case of contagious cattle disease detected in New Zealand
The second case of a contagious cattle disease, Mycoplasma bovis, has been detected on a dairy farm in New Zealand. The disease was confirmed …
Farmers worry cow disease could cross Cook Strait –
Cow disease potential ‘game changer’ – Rural News Group